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Who we are

We are a hetereogeneous and dynamic team of scientists with a variety of different backgrounds in computer science, physics, mathematics, biotechnology, biology, medicine and more. We all share a common passion for computational biology and the analysis of complex data. Sounds like you?

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Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Roland F. Schwarz

Computer scientist by training. Lover of formal grammars, Markov models and phylogenetic trees.

Quote: "What if it's a Markov chain?"

PhD Student

Maja-Celine Stöber

Biomathematician. Fond of single-cell data analysis and extrachromosomal DNA. Master of Journal Club.

Quote: "No, Roland, you cannot skip Journal Club."

PhD Student

Tom L. Kaufmann

Physicist by training. Fan of deep learning and mutational processes shaping copy number. Developer of MEDICC2 and refphase. Master of Lab Meeting.

Quotes: "Oups.", "This is funny..."

Postdoc / Scientific Programmer

Dr. Adam Streck

Computer scientist by training. Modelling the world through cellular automata and stochastic processes. Gamer at heart, living the VR hype. Author of SMITH. Master of Technology.

Clinician Scientist

Dr. Daniel Schütte

Medical doctor and computer scientist. Improving patient care through early detection and better stratification.

MD Student

Felix Schifferdecker

Medical student and computer scientist. Simulating cancer evolution and structural alterations.



Dr. Cody Duncan

Physicist by training. Interested in simulation-building and stochastic processes. In-house Rugby League expert. Master of Technology Cologne.


Dr. Nathan Lee

Applied mathematician & computational biologist. Interested in cancer evolution, stochastic processes, and simulations of carcinogenesis.

PhD Student

Claudia Robens

Biotechnologist by training. Investigating chromosomal instability and chromatin architecture in cancer.

PhD Student

Katyayni Ganesan

Biologist by training. Interested in single-cell cancer evolution and transcriptomics.

Postdoc / Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Laura Godfrey

Biologist by training. Interested in epigenetics and -genomics.

Scientific coordinator, third party funding, web editor.

Master Student

Giuseppe Barranco

Biologist and bioinformatician by training. Interested in single-cell genomics.

PhD Student

Chenxi Nie

Bioinformatician by training. Interested in stochastic processes, stochastic sampling and Formula 1.

Administrative Assistant

Stefanie Fleer

Lab coordination and administrative organisation


Visiting Scientist

Dr. Tom Watkins

Physician by training. Chromosomal instability and somatic copy-number alterations.

From the Swanton lab, Francis Crick Institute, London.

Visiting Scientist

Dr. Kerstin Haase

Bioinformatician by training. Interested in tumour heterogeneity and somatic copy-number alterations.

From the Jamal-Hanjani lab, Institute of Cancer Research, London.

Visiting Scientist

Dr. Philipp Keyl

Medical doctor by training. Interested in combining medical research with machine learning

Lab mascot


Fierce winged unicorn. Destroyer of bugs. Defender of students. Do not mess with Quark.

Quote: "No, I'm not a pegacorn."


MD Student

Selina Wächter

Medical student. Investigated how selectional constraints shape cancer evolution.


Former Research Associate

Teodora Bucaciuc

Biologist and Bioinformatician by training. Interested in genomics and the co-evolution of genome and epigenome.

Former Intern

Elisa Billard

Life Science Engineer. Investigated how to improve subclone detection in tumour sequencing data.

Now Master student at EPFL Lausanne.

Former PhD Student

Dr. Maria Stella de Biase

Biotechnologist by training. Early detection and risk stratification of cancer. Heroine of gene regulation.

Now Bioinformatician at Bristol Myers Squibb.


Former PhD Student

Dr. Marina Petkovic

Physicist by training. Algorithms for copy-number evolution. Developer of MEDICC2.

Now research scientist at the Relogio lab, Charite Berlin.

Quote: "So..."

Former PhD Student

Dr. Julia Markowski

Biologist and Bioinformatician. Lover of chromatin structure and graph-theoretical algorithms. Author of GAMIBHEAR.

Now postdoc in the Park lab at Harvard Medical School.

Quote: "Well, that's complicated..."

Former Master student

Victoria M. Dombrowe

Knower of Molecular Medicine, mapped the epigenome and its evolution.


Former PhD Student

Dr. Martin Burkert

Bioinformatician. Copy-number dosage effects in Neuroblastoma. Shared with AG Ohler, MDC-BIMSB, Berlin.

Now postdoc at the Waszak lab at NCMM, University of Oslo, Norway.

Former Postdoc

Dr. Florian Massip

Mathematician. Statistical genetics for germline gene regulation and cancer risk.

Now Principal Investigator at Institute Curie, Paris, France.

Former Postdoc

Dr. Matthew Huska

Computer Scientist. Copy-number phasing and detection. Developer of refphase.

Now postdoc at Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin, Germany.